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Extra relaxed? Choose from the many massages that can be chosen on request.

Sports massage
Sports massage is a good addition to sports and exercise. The massage can be both stimulating and relaxing. It is the best way to stimulate the body's ability to recover before and after exercise. Sports and activities in daily life often have the same influence on our body, which is why the sports massage is also very beneficial for non-athletes.

Relaxation massage
A body massage aimed at relaxation of mind and body. By massaging muscle tensions disappear and energy increases. You will find that stuck muscles and muscle soreness decrease as waste products are removed from your body.

Hot stone massage
A Hotstone massage is a massage with warm stones. The stones are heated in warm water to 40-50 degrees Celsius. This creates a deep warmth. Your body is detoxified and organ functions are stimulated, this brings your body back into balance.

Pregnancy massage (45 min / € 57.50)
As a pregnant woman, many changes are coming your way. Both your back and your legs are heavily loaded. With a specially made pillow, filled with warm water, you simply lie on your back and the massage is performed. This allows your back to be massaged. In addition, it is possible that hands, feet or head are included. All this in consultation.

€ 57.50 per hour (extension possible on request)
€ 30.00 per half hour (only valid when booking for 2 people)

* No Duo massages possible

On site, cash or by pin.

To reserve
Reservations can be made directly with masseuse Rinske de Jong via T: 06-19 49 47 51.
Not available on Sundays