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Dinner deal € 32,50

Enjoy our dinerdeal for just €32,50 per person. This offer can only be ordered with a Restaurant ID. Create a Restaurant ID and receive all exclusive restaurant offers from Van der Valk Exclusief all year round.



Choose from:
  • Tomato soup

    With small beef meatballs

  • Vegetable soup

    With stewed beef

  • Mustard soup Zwolle

    With smoked chicken and spring onion

  • Marinated goat cheese *

    With tomato marshmallow, marinated tomato, pesto mayonnaise and tomato crackers

    * Vegetarian
  • Rouleau of smoked salmon

    Horseradish cream, bimi and roasted Amsterdam onions

  • Cannelloni of regional ham

    And truffle rillette with fresh chicory salad, apple and Pedro Ximenez syrup

  • Carpaccio

    With pesto dressing and pecerino cheese

Main courses

Main courses

Choose from:
  • Cod

    Baked, with a cream of peas, summer vegetables and Dutch shrimps

  • Salmon

    Baked on the skin with cucumber, tzatziki and Hollandaise sauce

  • Duck fillet

    With carrot mousseline, anise mushrooms and a shallot and white beer chutney

  • Chicken satay de luxe

    Generous chicken skewer with sweet and sour Atjar vegetables, sweet potato French fries and satay sauce

  • Sirloin beef satay

    Marinated sirloin beef satay with oriental stir-fried vegetables, prawn crackers and sesame sauce

  • Escalope Zwolle

    With onion, bacon, mushrooms and aged cheese, served with stroganoff sauce



Choose from:
  • Fresh fruit

    Fresh fruit salad and whipped cream

  • Crème brulee

    From lemongrass with lichee sorbet ice cream

  • Coupe strawberries

    Vanilla ice cream with strawberries and whipped cream

  • Cheesecake “Licor 43”

    With citrus compote, and white chocolate ice cream

  • Red fruit and prosecco

    With mousse of forest fruits, egg foam and blackberries sorbet ice cream

  • Cheese

    Tasting of foreign and local Dutch cheeses