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Three Course Menu / Dinnerdeal



Choose from:
  • Tomato soup

    With small beef meatballs

  • Vegetable soup

    With stewed beef

  • Mustard soup Zwolle

    With smoked chicken and spring onion

  • Beetroot mousse *

    With Granny smith, rocket crème, Aceto balsamico and beetroot crisp

    * Vegetarian
  • Graved lax

    With sweet and sour daikon radish, dried shii-take mushrooms, wasabi and soja

  • Veal pastrami

    With baked cherry tomatoes, basil mousse and Parmesan crackers

  • Carpaccio

    With truffle dressing, pine kernels, rocket and pecorino cheese

Main courses

Main courses

Choose from:
  • Orzo pasta *

    With broccoli, asparagus, rocket and Pecorino

    * Vegetarian
  • Fillet of plaice

    Rolled fillet of plaice with a garden pea cream, anchovy potatoes, broccolini and basil oil

  • Salmon

    With parsley, tomato and regional mustard

  • Truffle burger

    Beefburger with old cheese, truffle mayonnaise, rocket, red onion, pickle and crunchy onion rings

  • Farm raised duck

    Breast and duck leg Spring roll with rendang puree, broccolini and telor sauce

  • Chicken satay

    Royal chicken skewer with atjar vegetables, fried rice and satay sauce

  • Escalope Zwolle

    With onion, paprika, bacon, mushrooms and aged cheese, served with stroganoff sauce



Choose from:
  • Strawberry coupe

    Vanilla ice with strawberries and whipped cream

  • Crème brulee

    Vanilla crème brûlée with butterscotch ice cream

  • Dame blanche

    Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate

  • Sherbet ice terrine

    With fruit salad and fruit coulis

  • Oreo

    Oreo mousse, chocolate mousse, white chocolate cream and oreo crumble

  • Cheese

    Tasting of foreign and local Dutch cheeses